All required reading in the Norton Anthology unless otherwise noted. 
Week “Zero”:
Fri., Sept. 27: Introduction 
Required reading: please read through the syllabus and course policies!!  SLIDES

Week One: 

Mon., Sept. 30: Beowulf  and Headnotes, pp. 3-11 in NA

If you need access to a copy of Beowulf while we are waiting for the Library to come through with my reserve request, pls use this link:
Wed., Oct. 2:  Beowulf   SLIDES
Fri., Oct. 4:  “Headnotes, 14-18 and 20-25; 256-61. Chaucer, “General Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales. SLIDES

Week Two: 
Mon., Oct. 7: Summary of the Knight’s Tale and “The Miller’s Tale.” Review ll. 547-568 of the GP.
Wed., Oct. 9:  Millers Tale and “Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale.” Review ll. 447-478 of GP   SLIDES
Fri., Oct. 11: No class today

Week Three: Guest Professor Vitkus SLIDES
Mon., Oct. 14: “Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale.” Review ll. 447-478 of GP  Guest lecture by Prof. Daniel Vitkus

Wed. Oct 16: Chaucer, "Pardoner’s Tale.”  Review ll. 671-716 of GP.  Guest lecture by Prof. Daniel Vitkus
Fri., Oct. 18: No class today.
Week Four: 
Mon., Oct. 21:   Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (with headnote 201-3). Guest lecture by Prof. Seth Lerer
Wed., Oct. 23:  Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (with headnote 201-3). PAPER ONE DUE IN LECTURE. SLIDES   
Fri., Oct. 25: Kempe, The Book of Margery Kempe and headnotes (442-3).  SLIDES

Week Five: 
Mon., Oct. 28: Headnotes: “The Sixteenth Century,” (pp. 3-19) Spenser (238-40) and FQ. 
Spenser: “A Letter of the Authors” and Fairie Queene, Book I, cantos 1 and 2.  SLIDES
Wed., Oct. 30: Headnotes (27-33) on Marlowe (658-9) and Dr. Faustus. Marlowe: Dr. Faustus.
Fri., Nov. 1: Marlowe: DF SLIDES

Week Six:   
Mon., Nov. 4: The Sonnet and Sonnet Cycle forms. SLIDES

Please read all of the sonnet selections and head notes in the sections for: Anne Locke (505), Philip Sidney (Astrophel and Stella 586-603) and Shakespeare (718-38) in order to get as full a sense as possible of the “sonnet cycle.” Specific poems to be emphasized in lecture and section and exams will be announced.

Wed., Nov. 6: The Sonnet continued.

Fri., Nov. 8: The next three lectures will focus on early Seventeenth-century lyric poetry grouped around the themes “love,” “politics” and “religion,” but as we will see it’s pretty hard to untangle these themes. Not all poems will be covered in lecture, but read each selection listed to get a sense of the range of the verse, specific poems for lecture/section/exam focus will be announced.  I may add or subtract lyrics depending on our pace.  
‘Love Poetry.’
Donne: headnote ; “The Canonization,” “Break of Day,” “The Flea,” 
“A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning,”   “The Ectasy,” “The Relic,” Elegy 19.  Herrick (headnote); “To the Virgins.” 
Marvell : headnote; “To His Coy Mistress.”  
Jonson: headnote ; “Still to Be Neat.” 

Week Seven: 
Mon., Nov. 11: UCSD closed to observe Veteran’s Day. No lecture today.
Wed., Nov. 13:  ‘Social poetry.’ Donne: “The Sun Rising.” Jonson: “To Penshurst.” Marvell: “Bermudas,”   “An Horatian Ode.” Lanyer: “Cookham.”
Fri., Nov. 15:  ‘Religious poetry.’ Donne: Holy Sonnets 1, 9, 10, 13, 14.
Herrick: “Corrina’s Going A-Maying.” 

Week Eight: 
Mon., Nov. 18: Finish up poetry unit.  17th c. poetry SLIDES
Wed., Nov. 20: Milton: Headnote: Paradise Lost, Headnote; Books 1-2  and ll. 1-134 of Book 3.
Further specific assignments for PL will be announced later in the quarter after I’ve determined our pacing. 

Week Nine: 
Mon., Nov. 25: PL  
Wed., Nov. 27: No lecture
Fri., Nov. 29: No lecture

Week Ten:  PL SLIDES
Mon., Dec. 2: PL wrap-up
Wed., Dec. 4: Review/Make-up    
Fri., Dec. 6: Review for final exam—time for spill-over/make-up


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