Think sheets are response papers designed to stimulate discussion and help students engage with the works we are reading. During class I will ask a question or assign a topic for the thinksheet.  

If you miss the thinksheet topic, it is your responsibility to contact a classmate to find out what you missed.  Given course size I cannot promise that I will be able to send you this assignment myself, so please use our phone list.  Unless otherwise specified, the thinksheets will usually be about 3/4 to 1 double-spaced typed page.  Thinksheets must be typed.  Emailed thinksheets are not acceptable. 

I have really been impressed with the thinksheets that students write, and, after an entire semester, they add up to quite a bit of writing. In recognition of this, when you enroll in this class you start out with an "A" on your thinksheets.  I will comment on your thinksheets and try to give you feedback to what you have written, but I won't grade the thinksheets in the same rigorous way in which I will evaluate your formal paper. 

If your thinksheets show effort and engagement with the assignment, you will maintain the "A" that you will have earned by working on these thinksheets throughout the semester.

"How do I know my thinksheets are up to par?":   If I determine that your thinksheets do not show the kind of effort that I expect or if there seem to be other problems, I will inform you in my comments on the thinksheet and ask you to meet with me to discuss improvement.  It is your responsibility to come to office hours or otherwise arrange to meet with me and discuss this in order to maintain full credit.

"What if I miss a thinksheet?":  You are allowed to miss three thinksheets for whatever reason.  Beyond that, only documented medical excuses or documented personal emergencies will excuse a late thinksheet.  It is your responsibility to inform me about such emergencies as soon as it is possible for you to do so.   If you do not contact me in a timely fashion, it may not be possible to make up the work.  Thinksheets are due at the beginning of class. Without a documented excuse, late thinksheets will not be accepted and will be deducted from your thinksheet grade at the end of the semester.  I will keep track of your thinksheets in my grade roster, but mistakes can happen--you should hold onto to all of the graded  thinksheets until you receive your final grade.