John Donne

For Wed. 5/7 be prepared to answer question 3 or question 4.

1. Why does the speaker of Holy Sonnet XI encourage abuse from the group of imagined Jews?

2. How does the speaker see himself in relation to Christ?

3. How would you compare the representation of the Crucifixion in this sonnet to other representations of Jewish violence that we have seen?

4. What is the role of the Jews in Donne sermon? How does he imagine the relationship between the Jews and Christians?

5. What is the relationship between wandering and Jewish identity in Donne's Sermon?


For Friday, please be prepared to answer question 7

The Wandering Jew

6. Why must the Wandering Jew suffer the fate that he does?

7. At the end of the Croxton play, the Jews leave to spread their faith. How does the Wandering Jew in this ballad compare to this representation?