Thinksheet questions for Croxton

For Monday there is no thinksheet. Guest lecture introducing the play by Prof. Lerer

For Wed. please answer question 5 or 6.

For Friday lease answer question 2 or 4

1.  What happens in the play?  Who is Aristorius?  Why does he sell the host?  Why do the Jews want to buy it?  What do they do it? 
2.  Portrayal of Christian and Jews.  How do the portrayals of Christians and Jews compare in this play?  What are the differences and similarities between them?
3.  How would you compare this play to the Prioress’s Tale?   How does the portrayal of the Jews compare and what do you think is the significance of that difference?
4.  Why do you think this play was written?  What does it try to teach?
5.  Conversion. What is the significance of the conversion of the Jews at the end of the play?

6. Is this play funny? If you think it has comic elements what purpose might they serve?