For Monday please write on question 4.

For Wed no thinksheet. There is no class on Friday and Monday is Memorial Day.

For Wed. of next week please answer question 5 or 6.


1. Do you see a connection between the ideas about Jews in the selection from Eliot's "After Strange Gods" and the Eliot poems we have read. What, if any, connections are there and of what significance are they?

2. How would you characterize Eliot's representation of Jews? What do they represent for him?

3. What for Eliot is the connection between the Jew and modernity?

4. How would you compare the representation of Jews in Eliot's poems to that in Trilby?

5. How should we deal with anti-Semitic representation in the English canon? If you were teaching Eliot (or Shakespeare or Chaucer...) how would you approach this issue?

6. How does Litvinoff respond to Eliot?