LTEN 259
Some study questions for Week 2 Readings

You are not required to answer all of these for your contribution to the discussion board. They are meant to get you thinking as you read.

Maurice Halbwachs:

What is collective memory?

How does collective memory differ from history?

What role do time/temporality play in Halbwach’s concept of collective memory?

Pierre Nora:

How does Nora see the relationship between history and memory?

What are lieux de mémoire and milieu de mémoire?  What distinguishes them from one another?

What, according to Nora, is the role of the archive in modern memory?

Amos Funkenstein:

What is “historical consciousness” according to Funkenstein?

What does Funkenstein see as the role of nationalism in shaping modern forms of collective memory and historical consciousness?  How does his analysis compare to Tai’s essay? 

 Hue-Tam Ho Tai

What are Tai’s main points of expansion and critique of Nora’s work?

How does Tai characterize the relationship between nationalism and modern forms of memory?  How does her analysis compare to that of Funkenstein?