For Tues. please answer question 2.


Paper due date has been postponed to March 5. If you need to do a makeup thinksheet, you may answer question 5.


The Shipman



1.  What type of tale is it?  How does it compare generically to the other tales we have read?  Which is most like?


2.  Does the tale have a moral?  What is it? 


3.  Look at lines 1622-4.  What meanings does “taillynge” have?  What is the role of “taillynge” overall in the tale?


4.  Is this tale ecclesiastical satire?  How?  Who is the satire directed against?


5.  We think this tale was originally assigned to the Wife of Bath?  What if it had been?  How would this have changed your view of her?  What difference does her “Arthurian” tale make?


6.  What role does money play in this tale?  How is money regarded?  How is marriage regarded?  Are they connected?


The Prioress


1.  What do you make of the tale’s setting in Asia?  Does it make a difference to the rest of the tale?  To the representations of Jews and Christians?


2.  How are Jews represented?  Christians?  What are their differences and similarities?


3.  Look at the Prioress’s opening Prologue.  How does she portray herself? What are the affinities between the Prioress in GP and her Prologue and the little clergeon?


4.  How does the maternal function in this tale?  What are mothers like?  How do the portrayals of women in general compare to other portrayals of women we’ve seen?


5.  How does this tale “quite” the Shipman’s Tale?


6.  Why does Chaucer assign this tale to the Prioress?  What is the relationship between teller and tale?


7.  What kind of imagery do you find in this tale?  Do you see patterns?  How does imagery relate to theme?