Man of Law:


For thinksheet for Thurs. please answer EITHER question 1 or question 3


1.  How is Custance (or Constance) characterized in this tale?  How can we compare her to Emilye of the Knight’s Tale and Alisoun of the Miller’s Tale?  Be specific in your points of comparison. 


2.  What type of tale is this?  How would characterize it in terms of tone and content and how does it compare to the other two tales we’ve just read?  Does it respond to them?  What are some of this tale’s features?  What is its verse form like?  


3.  How is Islam portrayed in the tale?  What are the relationships between Christians and Muslims?  Who are representative Muslims?  representative Christians?


4.  In the Introduction, the Man of Law mentions Chaucer.  What does he have to say about him?  What do you make of this insertion of the author?  How does this complicate our view of Chaucer the pilgrim?  Chaucer the poet? 


5.  What do you see as the symbolism of Custance’s rudderless boat?