The Parson’s Prologue and Tale (selections) and Chaucer’s “Retraction” etc.  


For final thinksheet, please answer question 4.



Please read Parson’s Prologue, pp. 691-3; pp. 706-709  (from “The fifthe thing” to “as he biheteth him in the gospel” ) . Please also read Chaucer's Retraction, take another look at the Melibee link and the "General Prologue" lines 715-46


1.  How does the Host ask the Parson to tell his tale?  How does the Parson present himself?


2.  How is Christ’s suffering described?  What is this suffering supposed to inspire in Christians?



3.  How does this link reflect back on other places where Chaucer has talked about the connection between tale telling and truth?  What is the relationship between “reality” or “truth” and how it is conveyed as expressed here by Chaucer the pilgrim?


4.  The Canterbury Tales are incomplete, but for the sake of this question just accept that all the tales we have are all the tales told.  Who won the storytelling contest and why?