Nun’s Priest’s Tale Study Questions

  Thinksheet Please answer question 3


1.  What is the relationship between teller and tale for the Nun’s Priest’s Tale?

How would you relate the figure of the Nun’s Priest to Chaunticleer?


2. What is Chaunticleer’s dream?  What is its importance? 


3.  Do you see a moral to the tale?  What would that moral be?  What is the tale’s tone?

            Is this just a tale about chickens?  If not, what other issues does it deal with? How does it "quite" previous tales? (you don't need to answer each of these questions--they are meant to get you thinking about what you see as the "point" or "message" of the tale).


4.  What is the view of marriage in this tale?  How are women portrayed?  Look esp. at Chaunticleer’s reply to Pertelote on page 257 lines 3157 ff.